Premier .FM Transfer Registrars: 


 United Domains @ $79.00 dotFM @ $79.95 Dynadot @ $79.99 Hover @ $89.99
 @  $79.00/Transfer   @  $79.95/Transfer   @  $79.99/Transfer   @  $89.99/Transfer
 Blacknight @ €49.99 OVH @ £49.99 Netim @ €60.40 123 Reg @ £69.99
 @  €49.99/Transfer   @  £49.99/Transfer   @  €60.40/Transfer   @  £69.99/Transfer


dotFM makes it easy for you to switch your .FM domain names from one registrar to another.

An .FM domain transfer is in real-time when initiated with a valid EPP authorization code (auth-code), available from current registrar. The transfer should be instantaneous provided that the AUTH CODE is valid/accurate.

* NOTE: Some registrars may not display the right ‘registry’ auth-code within their cpanel and require customers to contact support for assistance. These registrars requires .FM domain holders to contact second-tier support to request the correct auth-code.


Complete List of .FM Registrars: