DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK launch #Summertime7

Like clockwork, DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK’s annual Summertime mixtape—this year, in its seventh edition—has arrived. The duo’s collaborative project is as much of a tradition as the season’s pool parties, barbecues, and road trips, and yes, the 46-track mix is the perfect accompaniment to your Fourth of July’s festivities. This year’s instalment features Jay…

Could Be The Next Spotify?

With the proliferation of the digital age it’s almost become an essential part of our daily lives. We bring it on our commute, to the gym, to work, and even plugin in to listen while we’re making dinner. In 2015, music is more accessible to everyone everywhere (even in lesser developed countries) than it’s ever…

Twitter Business Success Spotlight: Coca-Cola.FM MĂ©xico

Coca-Cola.FM México (@CocaColaFM) is one of Mexico’s most popular online radio stations that targets young audiences with topics like music and sports.

Key Result #1 – 18.3% increase in the number of followers

Key Result #2 – 4.85M impressions

Key Result #3 – 153K engagements


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