.FM Listed in the Top 20 gTLDs at Hover

  Domain Retail Registrar, Hover.com, ranks the Top 20 gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) it’s customers are choosing the most. As Hover notes “There are a lot of TLDs out there”, well over 500, including all those New ICANN TLDs. The .FM ranks 13th!   Read More: http://www.hover.com/blog/top-20-gtlds-may-4-10-2015/  

Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Launches Internet Radio Campaign w/ .FM

Warren Buffet’s Automotive division, with 78 independently operated dealerships producing over $8 billion in revenue, recently launched a hyper-focused Internet Radio campaign featuring the .FM domain to better Brand, Track & Focus on ROI. The campaign correlates each .FM dealership domain (e.g.: bmwoflincoln.fm, huskermercedes.fm, southcountylexus.fm, volvoofdallas.fm, midwaychevy.fm, infinitioncamelback.fm) with its corresponding .com. This type of…